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Before you go scheduling free demos of seed to sale software, you need to have a narrowed list of software providers. Demos take time and work, it can get exhausting if you have multiple demos all week long. So getting your narrowed list is a vital key to saving you a ton of time and effort, once you get to the demo part you will know exactly what you’re wanting from the software and quickly be able to pinpoint if the software provider offers just that.

An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.

                                                                         -Dale Carnegie


If you followed our step by step Strategy Checklist, then you already have your ‘master plan’ ready to go and this next phase will be easy and efficient for you. Since you have your narrowed list of the top seed to sale software providers that offer the solutions to achieving your ultimate business goal, you can skip down to the step: Scheduling your Demos. If you did not follow our Strategy Checklist; I will include a link to it so you can go back and do this step, and if you do not want to, I will provide a brief step by step you can do instead. Getting a master plan together is the key to efficiently going through the decision making process and coming out with the best possible results. 

1Determine your Ultimate Business Goal you want to achieve. 

2Create a chart of Problems you face trying to achieve this goal – and the Solutions to overcome these problems

3Align your solutions with features that seed to sale software providers offer

That was just a brief run-through of steps you can do to get a rough plan together to create a narrowed list of software providers. Ultimately, if you follow the step by step guide in our 12 Step Strategy Checklist, you will have a better end result and a more efficient decision making process. However, if you don’t have time: these three steps can give you a rough plan to go off of. Note: always make your goals measurable and realistic. If they are unrealistic, you are only setting yourself up to fail. If they are not measurable, you will never be able to achieve the goal. 



Having your narrowed list makes this part simple. Go through your list one-by-one and keep notes as you go. Check off each provider after you’ve completed your demo and leave detailed notes to reference back to once making your final decision.

For each software provider: go to their website and get in contact. Every software provider should have an easy to find SCHEDULE DEMO or SCHEDULE CONSULTATION button. You will have to fill out basic information so they know a little about you, and that’s it! 

If you can’t find a schedule demo button, it’s okay. Although, I think you’ll find that each and every software providers’ website you go to will have not just one, but SEVERAL schedule demo buttons on their home page alone. The end goal for each software provider is to get you to schedule a demo, because scheduling a software demo is like trying on a shoe. Once you try the shoe on, you have established that you like the way it looks, you just need to make sure it “feels” right.  



The final part to scheduling your demos with seed to sale software providers is to Analyze your results. This is why it was so important to create a goal that is measurable: if your goal wasn’t measurable, you don’t have a way to see if any of the providers offer the solution to achieve your goal.

Let’s go back to the chart you made of Problems / Solutions.


Now you have a detailed list displaying which seed to sale software providers offer solutions to each of your problems: you can compare which software provider checked the most boxes. Did any of them offer every solution you need? If so, ding ding! We have a winner! If more than one provider did this, which one "felt right" during your demo? Reference back to your notes from the demos and consult with your team.


I hope this helps guide you on your path to success in choosing the perfect seed to sale software for your business. There’s a lot to this process so we try to give you all the tools you need to guide you through this process and make it just a little bit less complicated and more efficient. If you didn’t read our post on how to choose the perfect seed to sale software for your business, you can catch it here. Also, don’t forget to get our Strategy Checklist at the top of this post. It is a useful guide to starting your journey to scheduling demos.

Got Your List Of Solutions Ready?

Schedule Demo With Tridant 4S

Add Tridant 4S to your list of Seed to Sale Software Provider demos. We will go over your list of solutions with you and see what features we offer to match your exact needs. 


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