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At Tridant 4S, we know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all in business. In fact, we know that type of thinking is what holds businesses back from excelling in their field. Moving forward to the future with innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology is how we are able to expand brands globally and guide each business on their path to success. 

Taking our knowledge that each and every business is unique has led us to create the most powerful tool in the universe. We don’t want you to be just like everyone else. That’s why we fine-tuned and hand-crafted the first fully customizable platform. Stay unique, stay you, and excel at your specialty.

Delivery Management

Manage your product deliveries through our app based Track & Trace system, which validates all order deliveries and financial transactions. Assign deliveries to available drivers, Receive instant push notifications of driver assignment, route assignment, order delivery, off course and late delivery.

Delivery enables you to build a stronger face-to-face connection with your patients and customers. But with the wrong workflows, you could eat up valuable time, lose track of your product, waste money, and jeopardize your license.

Tridant’s intelligent seed-to-sale cannabis delivery software consolidates your operations allowing you to be more strategic about your delivery service. Whether delivery is simply a service you offer, or if your entire operation is devoted to this model, integrating your workflows and business intelligence into a single platform gives you the visibility and control you need.

Product Inventory & Allocation

Seed Banks, Growing Facilities, Concentrate Processors and Dispensaries will appreciate the robust Inventory Management module, which enables the User to view and enter data related to the storing of vendor inventory at the vendor site.

The User will receive products, issue products to different orders and waster product as necessary.

The Allocation/Forecasting module enables Users to do order forecasts by allocating inventory available and to forecast additional inventory needed. Other inventory and sales metrics are available and automatically updated in your POS inventory.

Leaf Management

Our proprietary leaf management system provides for easy tagging of your products, allowing for transparency and compliance in your everyday operations.

User-friendly seed software enables plant growth management from seed to harvest through easy to use icons representing growth stages.

Tridant is a complete platform that includes hardware integration to help optimize your grow process. This platform consumes data from your grow activities and environmental sensors letting you know the optimal grow conditions. Take advantage of these insights that are generated for you to save time while ensuring top quality.

Staff Management

Customize employees’ functional use of your software and their employment status. Rely on access security through the use of employee login IDs, passwords and PIN numbers. Monitor employee work history audit trail.

All your staff management is right in your dashboard. Keep your staff information stored in your staff directory and use the system for staff on-boarding so it’s instantly stored accurately. Create your own on-boarding process exactly how you need and send it to new employees for them to fill out. Lose the file cabinets of paperwork for employees and store it all online.

Report Management

Your custom dashboard provides you complete oversight and reporting of your business, displaying inventory totals, sales totals and other financial metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

We’ve built your State reporting requirements into our reporting system for you. Rest assured as our automated and standardized reports fully comply with your State laws. You’re even prompted when reports are due. Electronically sign your reports and upload instantly to your State regulatory agency.

Dispensary Point of Sale

Your Point of Sale (POS) system is always available to you. Lost your internet? No problem, your products are always available online and in-house sales are still operational.
Upload product menus instantly to Weedmaps & Leafly or elsewhere.
Your complimentary website allows your customers to register, get verified and place online orders. Our cashless payment system allows for safe and secure purchases.

Keep your customers up-to-date with our new deals feature. Customize your daily deals, mix & match deals, and loyalty program with our state of the art software. Keep track of your loyal customers with our customizable loyalty program that keeps track of points for you. Get rid of the hassle of keeping track of points and let our software do it for you! Your customers can see their rewards in real-time.

Star Ratings

Each feature we offer is completely customizable to tailor to your specific and unique business.

Loyalty Program

Build lasting customer relationships by offering your own Loyalty Program. Provide POS discounts, issuance and redemption of loyalty points through your POS system. The POS system keeps track of these points for you and automatically issues points based off sales. Rest assured the headache of punch cards are over! Let the software do the work for you, each customer’s sales records are recorded and stored in the system and their points store in there as well. Simply set up your point system how you want and you’re ready to go!

Point System

Points are auto-populated based off sales for each customer. You don’t have to keep track or do any work, every time your customer makes a purchase your system will update and add the points associated with how much they spent. You can redeem the points right from your dashboard when your customer is ready to receive their reward!

Give your customers notifications when they have earned a reward and keep them happy!

Daily Deals

Keep your deals updated daily with our daily deals feature. Have complete control of your daily deals, add photos to display your products. Set the price in the system so your staff can simply select the daily deal and eliminate potential errors in pricing.

Mix & Match

Looking for an easier way to ring up mix & match deals? We have the solution. Just like the daily deals, you simply set all your mix & match deals in your system. Choose as many products as you want, set the price, and you’re ready to go! Stay ahead of the market by offering mix & match deals.


TRIDANT Seed-to-Sale (4S) Suite – aims to lead the logistical cannabis and hemp Industry.

Our traceability system has extensive tracking and reporting capabilities to assist local and state governments with qualitative and quantitively product verification and regulations.


Easy to Use

TRIDANT Seed-to-Sale (4S) Suite – aims to lead the logistical cannabis and hemp Industry.

Our traceability system has extensive tracking and reporting capabilities to assist local and state governments with qualitative and quantitively product verification and regulations.

Tridant, the most powerful tool in the universe

Constant Law changes can be hard to understand and down right confusing 

Tridant is here to help you navigate the waters with our state of the art seed to sale software 

A system that makes compliance as easy as a push of a button.

Mystic Jungle Organics

The possibilities are endless with Tridant 4S. It really is the most powerful tool in the universe! My brand is going to explode online!  I can’t wait to increase my revenues and spread my cause globally!

Underground Dispensary

I can’t believe how our brand exploded in a matter of weeks. Our sales had more than tripled in 2 weeks. We were running out of product daily. Thankfully Tridant Seed to Sale Software makes it easy to track and manage your business from anywhere so I wasn’t overwhelmed with so many sales!

National Cannabis Bureau

Our brand had been around for years but our website was outdated and our brand awareness just wasn’t getting out there. Thanks to Tridant 4S, we’ve been able to spread our cause nationwide and easily manage our new beautiful website! Our brand got a fresh new look, SEO Optimization and easier to manage website and software. This is life changing!

Blackbird Nursery

This logo is exactly what I wanted! I can’t describe how perfectly Rostech Innovations pulled off putting my heart and soul into my brand while creating a logo.


This is the most cutting edge technology I’ve ever experienced. I’m so excited to launch my site. This software is going to do huge things for brands!

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