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5 Tips On Cannabis Marketing: The Content Strategy

Content is how your brand gets found. Content is everywhere you look and Google uses it to decide what is relevant for each topic of searches.

The world has moved to the internet so the majority time spent for each person is online. You can capitalize on this by being everywhere your audience is.

If you think about it, if you are trying to create brand awareness and really get your brand out there, what is your best approach? Well, billboards and commercials are one way to go but that is getting to be a pretty outdated marketing approach. New studies have shown that people spend more time online now than watch television. And honestly, most people watching television have limited commercial view opportunities since most subscriptions offer commercial free tv. If half your audience is part of this group your commercials potentially aren’t getting viewed by half of your audience.

So moving your marketing strategies to online is the smartest tactic in this age. Assuming you have already found your target audience your next step is to learn all you need to know about this group of people. Where do they spend most of their time? The answer will likely be social media channels such as twitter, instagram, tik tok, and facebook. These are great platforms to utilize to showcase your brand and business.

5 Tips To Cannabis Marketing Strategy

1Blog Posts

2Content Distribution


4Marketing Tools

5Strategy Compass

Blog Posts

To start your content strategy for your cannabis marketing you will need to start a blog. A WordPress site is a great way to do this. Create your WordPress site and personalize it to your brand. Start writing blog posts as often as possible in the beginning to build an audience. There are several tricks to this part that will help you succeed.

  • Using your keywords as your content pieces: write blogs about your keywords to target your desired audience
  • Organize your content: Keep a schedule of content ideas and separate them by keyword campaigns to stay as targeted as possible
  • Content Compass: After mapping out keyword campaigns do research on the content already out there on these topics and create content that will stand out against the competition

Content Distribution

Buffer is a perfect tool for a content marketing strategy for cannabis marketing because it has so many useful features. You can integrate Buffer with your WordPress site and every post you create automatically goes into your Buffer queue. From here, you select the social media channels you have set up and voila. Your single post goes to every channel you want it to. This saves a ton of time and effort while spreading your content everywhere your audience is hanging out.


One very vital tip for a content marketing strategy is to establish backlinks with other brands. This builds sort of a partnership with other brands similar to yours in that you share content giving each of you more branded content. This is a great benefit to both parties. It’s a great way for organic curated content and the more backlinks you create, the more curated content you get without having to do it all yourself. Also, all the content you create is being share on all of your partners’ sites spreading your content in even more places.

Marketing Tools

There are a ton of great tools to help with marketing out there. Be sure to do plenty of research to find which ones are the right choice for your brand. I recommend looking into Mailchimp and Aweber integrations for your WordPress site to help your blog grow. These powerful tools provide email marketing templates, and give your insight to your audiences and allow you to interact with them on a personal level. This helps to build great relationships that last.

Strategy Compass

If you have Buffer you can integrate it with your WordPress site and Buffer provides a very useful content calendar. Every post you create in your WordPress site goes into your Buffer queue and from there you choose how and when you want to distribute all of your content. This allows you to set times for your audience to expect great content from your brand and allows you to always exceed those expectations.

If you think about it, if you are trying to create brand awareness and really get your brand out there, what is your best approach? Well, billboards and commercials are one way to go but that is getting to be a pretty outdated marketing approach. 


Whatever marketing strategies you decide on, don’t skip a good content strategy as one of them. Take one day to research your competitors and look at the amount of content they have and view the paths they use to guide you as a viewer to their brand and their products. Content is everywhere and if you get your content out there that’s the best approach to finding your desired audience.

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