2022: The Truth About Seed to Sale Software


“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.”

-Bruce Lee

The Truth About Seed to Sale Software

There is a ton of content out there about the benefits of implementing Seed to Sale Software for your cannabis business. Each piece of content I have found are virtually the same. They list the obvious reasons you should use Seed to Sale Software.

We all know that you need to stay compliant, and Seed to Sale Software offers easy compliance. We also know that Seed to Sale Software tracks your plants’ life cycles from seed-to-sale, automates reporting, offers waste tracking, and usually offers scheduling management. All in all, Seed to Sale Software offers a more efficient way to run your cannabis business.

My personal favorite catch phrase I see all the time is: saves you time and money. But there’s no explanation of HOW the Seed to Sale Software provider will save you time and money. I’m going to take a deeper dive into what Seed to Sale Software truly should offer to your cannabis business to be beneficial. I will also cover all the aspects and benefits that I haven’t seen covered in the content available about Seed to Sale Software.

Marketing Your Products

Every business requires multiple platforms to really thrive and succeed. If you are going to sell a product, you need to make your product available in as many places possible, and offer the easiest purchase method available.

Marketing your products is crucial as we live in a time where competitors grow by the second. Any product you search for, you will see hundreds of brands offering the same product. Marketing has grown to be one of the most vital aspects of business.

Having the most trending platforms is the way to ensure your product is available where people are looking to purchase. In the cannabis industry, Weedmaps is similar to Amazon. Keeping your inventory constantly updated on Weedmaps is very important as most people are looking through Weedmaps to find the best products.

Email marketing has been around for a very long time and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Email marketing offers a way to build relationships with people interested in your brand. It’s your way of staying connected with anyone considering purchasing from you, or customers who have recently purchased your products. 


Social Media Platforms

I’m sure this goes without saying, but social media is the key to advertising in this generation. This is due to the fact that people spend a large amount of their time on social media platforms. People also look to social media platforms to give them the most recent information, and see what others are saying about any given topic or brand. If a new brand pops up, likely people will flood to social media to see what all others are saying about this brand before trying it out themselves. 

Keeping the most up-to-date information about your brand and products on social media platforms and getting all your customer feedback into these channels is how you can “win” the social media game. This is of course a challenge for cannabis businesses since you can’t advertise cannabis products on social media.

There are ways to get around this roadblock. By keeping your social media channels as a place that offers only information about your brand, customer feedback, and offering the most relevant information about the cannabis industry. Keep things fun. Post some pictures of the fun times in your store, or at your lab, or in your grow. Give people a true sense of who you are and shine your unique personality. A person is more likely to want to purchase from someone who is down-to-earth, and a good person. If they feel like they would have a fun experience in your store and enjoy seeing you personally, chances are they will go to see you! Don’t focus on advertsing products on social media, instead focus on advertising you. Your brand, with all its beautiful, unique qualities.

The Latest Technology

It’s important to keep up with the most recent trends and update your business along with these trends. What’s the newest technology on collecting payment? Are people even still using cash?

If you have a retail store, you don’t want to be living in the stone ages only offering cash payments when the newest trend is bitcoins, or cashapp. Staying on top of these trends and making sure you offer what your customers are preferring now is a pretty important thing to think about. If your customers have a cashless payment option everywhere they shop, the likely won’t have cash. Nor will they want to have to pay a fee just to get cash to shop with you. Not if they can go next door and skip this inconvenience.

What are the latest growing techniques used in the cannabis industry? What platforms are growers using to enhance their grow operation? New platforms arrive on the market daily and staying up to date can ensure you are operating at an optimum level.


What Does All This Have To Do With Seed to Sale Software?

You want to ensure you have the most current, up-to-date platforms on the market. You can use many resources to ensure this. One of the best resources you can use to achieve this is Google Trends. Google Trends keeps the most current information. You can type any question or topic in the search bar and get results broken down into area, related topics, related queries, and interest over time. You can even add a second topic and compare the data between the two topics. 

Using the results of the latest technology that should be used, you need to ensure you have and are utilizing this technology. Where does Seed to Sale Software come into play here?

Ensuring your Seed to Sale Software has the ability to grow and stay current on integrations saves you time and money. There, I said it, the words I hate hearing because no one ever offers the HOW they save you time and money. Don’t worry, I am going to break down the how for you.


Seed to Sale Software: Saving Time & Money

Here's The Big HOW

Let’s say you have 9 different platforms you use to manage your business. Let’s also be generous here and say you are only paying $100 a month for each of these (some may be more, some less). That’s a total of $900 a month to use all 9 of these platforms. Not to mention the inconvenience of having 9 different transactions coming out of your account of various days of the month. Let’s face it, that’s a super un-ideal situation. The ideal solution is consolidating down to one platform that offers all the integrations you use to operation your business. Thus giving you one monthly fee. Likely this one fee will be less than all 9 combined fees.

Now let’s take a look at the time factor. You are having to log into each of these platforms individually to manage and use their services. You also have to train employees in each and every platform you use to operate your business.

Passwords: remembering passwords for 9 different platform is a nightmare. Notifications: keeping up with new updates and notifications in 9 different platforms is very time consuming. 

I’m sure as you are reading through this and thinking about how much of a nuisance it is to have 9 or more different platforms to manage your business is, you can think of even more ways your time and money are being wasted. Ultimately, it is not an efficient way to run your business.

The Seed to Sale Software Solution

The solution is simple. Find a Seed to Sale Software Provider that not only offers integrations with the platforms you use to operate your business, but also stays up to date with the latest technology. If your provider offers the integrations you use now, that is great. But what happens two years from now when there is inevitably an even better platform on the market? Does your Seed to Sale Software provider update their integrations often? And will they be able to add this platform to your system? That is the key to the most efficient solution with Seed to Sale Software for your business.

A provider that is always evolving and growing with the ever-changing world of technology. See what your provider would charge to add new integrations. If it is going to be an astronomical cost, it would probably not save you money by integrating the new platform into your Seed to Sale Software system. Instead, you would save money by using the new platform separately. If this is the route you have are forced to take, you are back in that same un-ideal situation of using multiple platforms again. Avoid this terrible cycle by finding a Seed to Sale Software Provider that stays current and up-to-date on integrations and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to add these to your system.

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