21 Pitfalls Business Owners Run into When Choosing a Seed to Sale Software #9 Could Shut Your Doors Forever

What Is Seed to Sale Software?

Seed to Sale Software is an all-in-one solution system that tracks every stage of the cannabis supply chain. It literally tracks the entire process from the cannabis seed to sale, including growing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and selling.

I’m going to go through 21 Pitfalls Business Owners go through through when choosing Seed to Sale Software for their Cannabis Business.

Take note of #9 because it could shut your doors forever. I wanted to start by giving the definition of Seed to Sale Software in case you aren’t quite sure what it is just yet.

If you are new to learning about Seed to Sale Software definitely use this as a guide of what NOT TO DO when looking into implementing it into your cannabis business. This is basically a How To Guide in reverse.

A What Not To guide. I want you to know what to avoid and what the common obstacles are in the decision process of choosing Seed to Sale Software. 

Let's Begin!

When looking at Seed to Sale Software, the first factor to look at is, How easy is this platform to use? This applies to you and your employees as well as the users on the front end. You want to make sure that implementing this software won’t be a nightmare on your staff and takes hours of training to learn how to operate the system and perform daily tasks. This would highly disrupt your business and decrease sales while your employees are struggling to figure out how to operate the system and taking time out of their shifts to train.

The second thing to look at is the features that are offered with Seed to Sale Software providers. It’s important to know what features are vital to your business needs. If you’ve had seed to sale software before, you have an idea of what features served as a benefit and which ones were unnecessary. This will make it easy to search for the features you need.

Are the features out-the-box standard features? Can you add features? Take away unnecessary features? Again, it’s very vital to know what features will benefit your business the most so you aren’t stuck paying for features that don’t fit your overall goals with seed to sale software. You also need to have every feature that will help bring you to your business goals. One way to achieve all these is to find a seed to sale software provider that offers full customization. This will save you the time of searching for providers with the perfect features.

Probably one of the hugest consideration factors when it comes to Seed to Sale Software is pricing. Are there several pricing package options? One standard fee? The best option for any business when it comes to pricing is a customizable pricing package that fits only their specific business needs. This ensures not paying for unnecessary features and thus saves money in the end.

The level of support offered from Seed to Sale Software is a very important consideration. Some providers will have a standard level of support they offer while others will have different levels offered with different price packages. Having live support is a pretty beneficial feature as you have someone you can talk to when you run into a hiccup. Consider different scenarios of issues you could potentially run into and the level of difficultly you would have resolving the issue with each level of support offered.

Knowing the level of security offered with your Seed to Sale Software provider before-hand is a must. So many worst-case scenarios can happen and knowing the protocols that would take place eases your stress. Data breaches are always a threat and you need to know how they would be handled in the event that they happen. Will the software provider handle this? Or will it fall on your shoulders? 

Skipping this step could result in you paying for a software that only partially benefits your business. If the software you choose doesn’t integrate with the tracing hardware you use or plan to use to track your plant growth, you have a huge problem. Looking into this before hand can prevent this. The best solution: finding a Seed to Sale Software provider that offers tracing hardware along with their software platform.

While most Seed to Sale Software providers generate automatic reports sent to the state regulatory system; not all do. Having to generate these reports on your own leaves too much room for human error and could result in licensing issues and getting your business shut down. One of the most important features to have is automated reporting so you save time, stress, and most importantly; lose the risk of getting your business shut down.

It’s vital to ensure the Seed to Sale Software providers you are looking at are integrated with YOUR state’s compliance regulations and requirements. Some providers serve specific states only. You don’t want to end up with a provider that isn’t properly integrated and equipped to offer you compliance for the state you are in. This will result in your business being closed forever and potential prison time.

Another factor to look at is if you plan on expanding to other states you need to ensure the software provider is integrated with those states as well.

This may seem like an automatically included feature, however, some providers don’t offer e-commerce. Or, they offer e-commerce but have strict limitations. You could end up not having the capabilities you need to offer all your products online, or even worse, having to pay tons of additional fees to add the necessary requirements. Ensuring the Seed to Sale Software providers offer the E-Commerce capabilities that fit your business needs is most definitely a must.

The onboarding process for any software can be time consuming and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be though. Finding a provider that guides you through the onboarding process will save a ton of time and frustration. It’s a must to ensure you have looked into this as the alternative is not time effective. You don’t want to end up having to figure out how to get your new platform setup with no support or help doing so.

The ideal solution when implementing Seed to Sale Software with your Cannabis Business is to eliminate multiple platforms. For maximum business growth and expansion you need a platform that offers all the integrations you currently use or plan to use. This saves a ton of money in subscriptions to multiple platforms, and makes success effortless as you control your business in one centralized location. Some of the most important integrations include: Weedmaps, Leafly, Intuit Quickbooks, MailChimp, HYPUR, Google, Facebook, Instagram; just to name a few. Look into available integrations to ensure you will have the ones you need for maximum efficiency.

Whether you sell a ton of products, just a few products, or you are a simple grow that doesn’t offer products, you need a website. Having an online presence is the only way to get the brand recognition you need to expand and grow your business. Some Seed to Sale Software providers offer a custom website while others offer none. Ideally having an easy-to-use website builder is very beneficial as you can shine on your specific unique brand qualities for your online presence.

Don’t end up with a software platform that doesn’t offer a website or charges an astronomical fee to add one simply because you forgot to look into this vital part in your research process.

Being clear on your marketing strategies and objectives will guide you to selecting a Seed to Sale Software provider that best fits your specific business needs. You can’t assume every provider will offer marketing services only to find they don’t and have no marketing strategy for your business leading to a loss of sales. A good marketing strategy is vital to every business, no matter what type of business it is. Get the objectives clear in the beginning and find the provider that offers what you need to fulfill these objectives.

A cloud is a type of a server, which is remote (usually in Data Centers), meaning you access it via the internet. You are renting the server space, rather than owning the server. A local (regular) server is one that you do buy and own physically, as well as have on site with you.

There are pros and cons to both; look into which would benefit your business the most Typically cloud is the best option for most cannabis businesses as it offers flexibility, easy to use, and less expensive.

I’m going to assume you plan to stay in business for many, many years. With this being the case, a necessary feature of your Seed to Sale Software provider is consistent updates and upgrades to the system and system features. You want to stay current and up-to-date with the ever-changing world around us. If you fall behind on current upgrades in technology this will hurt your ability to expand and grow your brand.

Writing out a list of every possible worst-case scenario for any business is always a best practice. This prepares you for any potential threats or undesirable outcomes in the un-foreseeable future. One of these is the event of an internet outage. It does happen, and is always a huge disaster for any business. However, there’s no need to fear anymore about this particular issue with Seed to Sale Software that works with AND without internet connection. Yes, you heard me right, it does exist and you should have it. Avoid any disastrous outcomes of sales reports being off, having to close your busines for the day or any other unspeakable potential scenario.

Let’s be real – one size doesn’t ever fit all. This is one of the hugest mistakes made on the software market today. With every cannabis business having an exact replica of the same system how are they supposed to stand out from each other? Don’t be apart of this unrealistic expectation for every business to fit in the same box. Break free of limitations and find a fully individualized system for your business.

The overall experience of your users should be one of your top-most priorities. Whether you are a retail cannabis business selling products, or a manufacturer or distributor who does B2B, or a small grow; knowing what the experience will be like for your users is very important. Refining the process down to a “good feel” user experience is absolutely necessary in ensuring continued business and sales.

Time is precious and fleeting. We all are constantly trying to find ways to save more of our time so we can spend more doing what we love. One of the ways you can do this when it comes to choosing Seed to Sale Software is by choosing a system that not only provides automated reporting, but also tailoring specifically to your business. This is a huge benefit that directly results in saving you time. If your software doesn’t provide this individualization to your brand, then you will be forced to spend several hours of your time putting efforts into brand expansion on other platforms or through organic content. 

21. Last but not least, is scalability. Whichever Seed to Sale Software provider you choose in the end has to have the ability to scale and grow with your business. If this capability isn’t present, your business will inevitably stay stuck in the same place forever and never grow. Imagine trying to grow a plant in a pot that’s too small. You are setting that plant up to never grow and prosper because it doesn’t have the proper space for growth. Don’t get stuck in a pot that’s too small for growth and hold yourself back from limitless opportunities. 


Now you’ve seen the 21 pitfalls business owners run into when choosing seed to sale software, take these seriously when going through considerations of Seed to Sale Software. Especially note #9 as it could lead to getting your doors shut forever and potentially worse percussions. 

Avoid these 21 pitfalls and save yourself a ton of time, money, and frustration. This guide is here to prevent history from repeating itself as I have went through and found the top mistakes business owners make when selecting Seed to Sale Software that cause extreme damage to their cannabis businesses. These are the most vital ones to be aware of.


The Most Powerful Tool In The Universe.



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