Mandatory Metrc Compliance in Oklahoma 2022

Mandatory Metrc Compliance

Metrc Compliance is now mandatory for all Cannabis Businesses in the state of Oklahoma. Businesses must be Compliant by Thursday, May 26 or they will be shut down.

On Friday, Feb. 25, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), Metrc, and plaintiffs reached an agreement that resulted in The Agreed Order which was filed on the same day by the Oklahoma County District Court. This order lifts the restraining order blocking OMMA from implementing a Seed-to-Sale tracking and tagging system for the medical marijuana industry. Metrc, who was a co-defendant with OMMA in the case, is now OMMA’s contractor for the program.

What does this mean for the Cannabis Industry in Oklahoma? Well, simply put, it means this: “All medical marijuana commercial licensees have until Thursday, May 26 to become compliant with Metrc Seed-to-Sale Tracking System.” Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (268) – Seed-to-Sale

Ronald Durbin, the attorney who represented the thousands of Cannabis Businesses, previously told KFOR that implementing Metrc would create a monopoly and Metrc would earn over $12 million in just the first year.

What caused this? A class action lawsuit that was filed on behalf of over 10,000 State Licensed Cannabis Businesses across Oklahoma. This lawsuit was an attempt to stop the implementation of Metrc Seed-to-Sale Tracking. Viridian Legal Services obtained a temporary restraining order last April, against OMMA and Oklahoma State Department of Health as a continuation of the class action lawsuit. The Agreed Order is the resulting agreement between the Medical Marijuana Commercial Licensees who filed the lawsuits, and the co-defendants: OMMA and Metrc.

“Lifting this injunction clears the single biggest roadblock to OMMA enforcing the law,”  “This is a crucial step toward cracking down on licensees operating illegally or skirting the system within Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry. Come May 27, we will focus the bulk of our enforcement authority on businesses that are not Metrc-compliant.”


-OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry


1Licensed Medical Marijuana Businesses have until Thursday, May 26 to comply with Metrc Seed-to-Sale Tracking System

2Dispensaries have until Wednesday, August 24 to sell of legally dispose of untagged Medical Marijuana products in their inventory

3OMMA must conduct at least five online seminars by May 26 to educate licensees on the new Seed-to-Sale System

4OMMA will ensure adequate Call Center staff is on hand to respond to questions about Seed-to-Sale program implementation




The clock is ticking and now is the time to get your Metrc Compliance before OMMA shuts your business down for good. They aren’t going to be lenient as they have provided 90 days to get your business Metrc Compliant. 

Don’t take this lightly and end up with your business closed and your dreams diminished. There is a limited number of Seed-to-Sale Software systems in the state of Oklahoma that are Metrc Integrated for Compliance and spots are filling up fast. 

Start the process of getting your Seed-to-Sale Tracking system implemented now so you have plenty of time to go through the onboarding process (usually takes 30-60 days) and be ready when OMMA comes checking for Metrc Compliance.

For a list of the best Seed-to-Sale Software Options, read this article from the National Cannabis Bureau: Top 21 Seed-to-Sale Software Providers of 2022



Schedule a 30-Minute Consultation with Tridant 4S to start integrating your business with Metrc. 

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