Tridant 4S Custom Features

Tridant 4S Features

Take a look at the 100% customizable Tridant 4S features. See these features in live view so you can imagine the ways Tridant 4S can benefit your current processes in your own unique business. You can customize each and every feature that Tridant 4S has built to conform to what would benefit your business the most. Any features we don't have built, we can build. Since our platform is built on React, we can custom build any functionality you desire and add it to your platform. This gives the ability to consolidate all your platforms you use to run your business into one centralized location.

Loyalty Program

Build lasting customer relationships by offering your own Loyalty Program. Provide POS discounts, issuance and redemption of loyalty points through your POS system. The POS system keeps track of these points for you and automatically issues points based off sales. Rest assured the headache of punch cards are over! Let the software do the work for you, each customer’s sales records are recorded and stored in the system and their points store in there as well. Simply set up your point system how you want and you’re ready to go!

Point System

Points are auto-populated based off sales for each customer. You don’t have to keep track or do any work, every time your customer makes a purchase your system will update and add the points associated with how much they spent. You can redeem the points right from your dashboard when your customer is ready to receive their reward! Reward your customers for shopping with you by giving them points. Set up your point system and correlating discounts and let your customers start earning!

Customizable Discounts

You decide. You create. The power is in your hands. Determine what discounts you want to offer with your point system and set it up that way in your dashboard.

Loyal Customers

Keep track of your most loyal customers easily. Each customer’s points stay stored in the customer profiles. Find them easily and always monitor who your most loyal customers are so you can reward them!

Automatic Point Awarding

Based off what you set as your point system, our software will auto-populate points for each sale and assign them to your customer for you. Never worry about any errors again!

Easy Rewards

Who doesn't love a good reward for spending money? Give your customers just that by setting up your own custom discounts based off your point system.

Less Stress

No more stressing about keeping track of punch cards, or human error. We all make mistakes, technology doesn't. With our automatic point issuance, rest assured your customers will always receive their points.


Customer Management

Keep track of all your customers in one place. Manage your customers, edit their information, and keep track of their points and rewards available. Always keep your customers happy.




Do you know what features could maximize your brand to the full potential? Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with our Expert Software Specialist to see what custom features can unleash the full potential of your brand so you can achieve your ultimate business goal.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is built automatically as you scan and receive product, process that product and prepare for product transportation. Add data associated with your product moves with your product, such as testing certifications, chain or custody records, transportation manifests and much more. You can further customize your inventory records with vendor, customer, pricing, tax category data and much more. Electronic receipt of orders and sales transactions instantly adjust your inventory for you. Inventory audits are quick, financials are trackable and reporting to your State Agency is simple and fully compliant.

Product Category

Products can be grouped by category to be more readily available and further divided by types for quick product lookup.


Profiles can be made for the numerous flavors of Cannabis that can be assigned to your product upon entry into the system. These strain profiles contain such details as aroma, effects, terpenoid flavors, harvest duration, and THC/CBD content.


Inventory can be divided into different locations within your facility by Rooms. Your inventory can also be audited and adjusted.

Waste Management

Waste from contamination, or expiration can be scheduled for pick up and sent to your designated medical marijuana disposal service for destruction. Keep track of all waste products in your dashboard. Enter the product barcode, the reason for waste, quantity, and the date and time. Also view which employee has added these items and approve or reject them.

Adding Inventory

Organize your inventory by strains and categories. Create your strain profiles with details such as aroma, effects, terpenoid flavors, harvest duration, and THC/CBD content to keep your customers fully knowledgable on the products they consume.


Managing Waste

We all know accidents happen. When you have to turn a product to waste, you need to have record of it. Whether the product had contaminates, or an employee dropped it on the floor, notate it in your waste management tab.


Location Management

Organize your inventory by storing them into 'rooms' in your dashboard. Create your own virtual rooms and shelfs to store all your products and easily find them at any time.


Product Management

Create inventory items, associate testing certifications, vendors/customers, pricing, tax categories and payment methods. Quickly generate electronic invoices and transportation manifests. Automated product recall (mandatory or voluntary) alerts State agency and limits risk to patients.


Leaf Management

Our proprietary leaf management system provides for easy tagging of your products, allowing for transparency and compliance in your everyday operations


Organize your grow virtually by building ‘rooms’. You can build separate virtual rooms to ‘place’ your plants in. From each room you can add plants to tables, harvest plants, cure plants, cut plants, deactivate and delete them.

Plant Management

Navigate to your all plants tab to add plants, assign them to the room you want and move them to the next phase of their life cycle. Keep everything step-by-step in your system just as you do in real life. Keep track of each plant from seed-to-sale and stay organized. You can also create barcodes for each plant from here.


Organize your plants by batches categorized by their harvest type. Once you do this, you can select any action: batch at harvest, batch later, or discard as waste if need be.

Product Tracking

Proprietary real-time tracking allows for monitoring and verification of transportation against the transportation manifest. Alerts indicate on time or late deliveries, even off-course transportation.

Growth Management

User-friendly seed software enables plant growth management from seed to harvest through easy to use icons representing growth stages.

Plant Barcodes

Create single or multiple item barcodes for your plants with the click of a button. Never miss a step with our fully compliant software system.



If you see any features that appeal to you, but would benefit you more if there was slight changes to them: Tridant 4S has the perfect solution. We can change them! We can customize every aspect of our platform to fit your business needs and unleash your brand to the full potential. Schedule a 30-Minute Consultation with our Expert Software Specialist to see what we can hand-craft for your brand and start maximizing your business revenue today!

Point Of Sale

Keep your customers up-to-date with our new deals feature. Customize your daily deals, mix & match deals, and loyalty program with our state of the art software. Keep track of your loyal customers with our customizable loyalty program that keeps track of points for you. Get rid of the hassle of keeping track of points and let our software do it for you! Your customers can see their rewards in real-time.

Customer Lookup

Eliminate errors and look up your customers easier than ever with Tridant software. Easily check customers in and out with the click of a button. 

Order History

Keep track of all your sales in one place. We offer a detailed order history that shows not only your customer’s information but what payment method they used and an optional status of approval. Never worry about losing your sales transactions again!

Mix & Match

Looking for an easier way to ring up mix & match deals? We have the solution. Just like the daily deals, you simply set all your mix & match deals in your system. Choose as many products as you want, set the price, and you’re ready to go! Stay ahead of the market by offering mix & match deals.

Cash Exchange

Offer more to your customers with HYPUR. We know that in this day and age, cash is rarely carried by many customers. Tired of ATM fees? Turn to HYPUR. Give your customers the option of effortless payment with one click. No more cash, no more fees.

Deals Calendar

Keep track of all your deals for months at a time with our deals calendar. Our color coding makes it easy to differentiate between your daily deals and mix & match deals. Set up what days you want to run each deal months ahead of time and your work is done!

Daily Deals

Keep your deals updated daily with our daily deals feature. Have complete control of your daily deals, add photos to display your products. Set the price in the system so your staff can simply select the daily deal and eliminate potential errors in pricing.

Manage Your Store

Easily manage your store with our Dispensary Point of Sale system. This feature covers everything you need to stay compliant and stay on track with your store's sales.

Online Ordering

In this day and age, most people prefer shopping from the comfort of their home. Give them what they want by offering an online sales platform. Click. Buy. Repeat.


Loyalty Program

Who doesn't love to save money? Reward your customers for shopping with you by giving them points with every purchase. Let them rack em' up and get rewarded.


Report Management

Your custom dashboard provides you complete oversight and reporting of your business, displaying inventory totals, sales totals and other financial metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. We’ve built your State reporting requirements into our reporting system for you. Rest assured as our automated and standardized reports fully comply with your State laws. You’re even prompted when reports are due. Electronically sign your reports and upload instantly to your State regulatory agency.


Everything you need pertaining to your Plants is found in one tab. Plant Inventory – Historical Plant Inventory – Plant Audit – Plant Summary – Plant Movements – Removed Plants – Strain Counts – Mother Yields – Yields – Yield Statistics – Grow Cost Tracking. Stay ahead of your grow by keeping organized reports every step of the way.


All your inventory reports are organized under one tab. Current Inventory – Historical Inventory – Inventory Adjustments – Inventory Forensics – Inventory Audit – Destruction Events – Products – Product Pricing – Kitchen – Receive Inventory.


Your sales reports have never been more organized. We offer a full breakdown from sales by category – to sales count by the day and hour. Track of your best and worst sellers. Track discounts by staff or product, and which discounts are automatically applied. Your payments – payouts – voided tickets are also kept here. That’s not all! We also track your sales trends report, sales demographics report, and complex sale report. 

Processing Management

Keep detailed reports on each extraction process so you can keep an eye of what is done each shift. Not only can you use this to oversee work being done per shift but you also can keep an idea of how much product your are producing per day.


Not only do you have your sales report for each day, you also have sales reports stored for each customer. If a customer wants to see what they’ve purchased last week, you can now print them a full detailed report to show them! This also comes in handy when trying to track who your most loyal customers are!

Production Reports

Keep detailed reports on your production processes and have a constant overview of how much product is produced on each shift.


Customer Sales

Your sales reports are stored in multiple locations in your dashboard. You can view them individually by customer so you can overview every purchase each customer has made.


Sales Insights

Stay ahead by tracking your best and worst selling products. Always monitor your sales trends and demographics to stay competitive. The best part, we do it all for you. All you have to do is view the reports produced!


Staff Management

Customize employees’ functional use of your software and their employment status. Rely on access security through the use of employee login IDs, passwords and PIN numbers. Monitor employee work history audit trail.

Staff Directory

Keep track of all your employees and store their information in one place. On-boarding and off-boarding employees has never been easier. Lose the files of paperwork and do it all online.

User Roles

Assign user roles to employees in your dashboard and always keep track. Set all the positions in your company and then simply assign employees to the correct one. You can easily edit these when an employee gets promoted or transfers positions.

Staff Time Zone

An easier way to keep track of your staffs’ weekly hours. Simply have every employee clock in and out in their dashboard and voila! You can view every employee in your admin dashboard making it effortless to monitor employee hours.

Deals Calendar

Keep track of all your deals for months at a time with our deals calendar. Our color coding makes it easy to differentiate between your daily deals and mix & match deals. Set up what days you want to run each deal months ahead of time and your work is done!

Cash Exchange

Offer more to your customers with HYPUR. We know that in this day and age, cash is rarely carried by many customers. Tired of ATM fees? Turn to HYPUR. Give your customers the option of effortless payment with one click. No more cash, no more fees.

Staff Scheduler

Say goodbye to printing schedules for every employee. Keep your staffs’ shift schedules stored online and never worry about losing them again. You can easily make changes to the schedule with the click of a button. 

Staff Zone

All your staff management is right in your dashboard. Keep your staff information stored in your staff directory and use the system for staff on-boarding so it’s instantly stored accurately. Create your own on-boarding process exactly how you need and send it to new employees for them to fill out. Lose the file cabinets of paperwork for employees and store it all online.


Staff Management

Manage new and existing employees quickly and easily with our onboarding and offboarding features. Manage employees roles, permissions, and job tasks from anywhere.


Manage employee schedules from your desktop or phone, and send messages and notices to the entire team!

Employee Logs

An easier way to track employee hours. Find and monitor all your employees' weekly hours in one location.



Tired of limitations to Seed to Sale Software options on the market? Experience 100% customization with Tridant 4S. We tailor a system to fit your needs. With Tridant 4S, you don't have to conform to one business standard. You step out of the standard and into a hand-crafted platform that was designed specifically for you and your business. Schedule a consultation to start experiencing the power of no more limitations.

Transportation Management

Manage your product deliveries through our app based Track & Trace system, which validates all order deliveries and financial transactions. Assign deliveries to available drivers, Receive instant push notifications of driver assignment, route assignment, order delivery, off course and late delivery.

Delivery enables you to build a stronger face-to-face connection with your patients and customers. But with the wrong workflows, you could eat up valuable time, lose track of your product, waste money, and jeopardize your license.

Tridant’s intelligent seed-to-sale cannabis delivery software consolidates your operations allowing you to be more strategic about your delivery service. Whether delivery is simply a service you offer, or if your entire operation is devoted to this model, integrating your workflows and business intelligence into a single platform gives you the visibility and control you need.


Keep track of all your drivers in this tab. Add and edit drivers whenever you need. All information pertaining to you driver will stay stored here so you can ensure you have compliant drivers with active transport licenses. You can send them checklists here of all the steps you want them to complete before each delivery.

Track Deliveries

Each driver will have a GPS device installed in their vehicle and an app on their phone that will keep track of their location every step of the way. From your dashboard you can easily see where they are at any moment right from this tab.

Mobile App

Not only do we offer all great these features in our software we also have an app for your drivers. Through this app they can set their schedules and routes, pick up deliveries, print sales manifests, and their GPS is integrated with this app.

Vendor Management

This is where you store all your company’s information. Keep your licenses up-to-date and important business information accurate. Easily edit if there are any changes. 


Add, edit, assign, and delete vehicles in this tab. Store all information on each vehicle your company will use for transportation and ensure they are always compliant.


Keep track of every delivery order. Assign drivers, view and print sales manifests, sign manifests, and more. Every thing you need to keep track of all deliveries is right in this tab of your dashboard.


Don’t let your compliance reporting slip through the cracks. Tridant was developed with compliance as a top priority to protect your entire delivery operation.

Tridant is a secure, cloud-based software with instant visibility in your cannabis delivery service. In-platform tools let you set schedules and draft delivery routes, allowing you to oversee your staff and your deliveries in real-time.


Tracking System

Never lose track of your shipments with our easy to install GPS tracking system. Monitor all movement on a map in real-time.



Delivery System

An easier way to sell. Ensure your drivers are compliant with active licenses. Easily create, store, and print sales manifests in one place.


Mobile App

Wishing there was an easier way to keep track of your deliveries? We've got you covered. Your entire delivery process is now done through an app on all your drivers' phones.


Website Builder

Use your creativity to easily build your own “.com” responsive website, with any of the many available accessories. Your new user-friendly website will be compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Add your logo, contact information, operating hours, reviews, blogs, social networks, menu items, coupons and other special offers. Instantly push your new website content to your social networks. Now your customers can easily visit you online!

Add all the pages you need on your website easily from this tab in your dashboard. Customize them just the way you want and easily come back and edit them any time!

Posts are the heart of your website so it is very important that you are constantly add them. Easily access all your posts and add new ones in one place. Use these to display upcoming sales, discounts, and more. Edit the image associated with the posts to look appealing and stay cohesive with your brand.

Show off what your customers think of your brand! Monitor all your reviews and keep them updated into the testimonials section of your website. Ensure that all your online traffic is able to read real-life testimonials from your customers to build trust.

Your home sliders are what grabs the attention to anyone visiting your site. Always keep these up to date and add as many slides as you want to display upcoming events, deals, and any important updates about your business. Re-enforce your brand by displaying your logo here. Add your daily deals for the entire week and simply activate and deactivate them at the beginning and end of each day.

Build your own custom contact form simply by dragging and dropping fields. You don’t have to have any background in coding to build a contact form with our software. We’ve already done the coding for you! Customize the fields exactly how you need and place them wherever you want on your website.

This is where you can set all your logos; main logo, mobile logo, footer logo. All you have to do is upload your logo image in the field, the recommended size is already there for you so you don’t have to guess. Easily display your brand all throughout your website.

Build Your Brand

Bring your brand to life by easily customizing your website. Keep track of your entire business in one place. Staff management, inventory, transportation, visitors, and more. Everything you need to manage your business can all be found in your dashboard on your website. Customize how you want your dashboard to easily run your website. Never worry again about losing important information, we store it all for you!


Custom Website

Don't know how to code? Don't worry, you don't have to with our technology. Create your own website easily. Simply drag and drop, and fill in the blanks. It's that easy!


Rank Higher

We all use google multiple times a day. Ranking high on google is the most important part of gaining customers. Let us help you soar up the list!




The highlighted features above are only a few of the features Tridant 4S offers to your own unique business. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with our Expert Software Specialist to see what features would best benefit your business and what custom offers are waiting for you.