Cannabis Job Seekers

Cannabis Job Seekers is an organization in the largest growing sector of the US economy today, the Cannabis Industry. In fact according to Forbes Magazine:

“The Marijuana Industry is projected to create more jobs than manufacturing by 2020.”

It is our mission to ensure equal opportunity employment.

We have partnered with leaders in the cannabis industry to bring jobs to motivated individuals. They believe as we do in the enormous benefits of the cannabis industry and are here for those in search of their next opportunity.


Cannabis Job Seekers


20 Feb, 2018


Employment Agency

Challenge & Solution

When we started working with Cannabis Job Seekers, they had a goal and a dream but no plan of action to achieve these. We guided them through the process of starting a successful business. By getting the branding identified and implementing their brand in a cohesive website, proper SEO optimization strategies, and the proper software to introduce to a brand new business.

1Define Goals: Specify the Most Important Goal of your Business

2Create a Plan of Action: Determine the Best Solutions to Achieve Goals

3Implementation: Carry Out Plan of Action

Result Driven

Through our guidance Cannabis Job Seekers has been able to accomplish their most valuable goals for their company as a whole.

Mystic Jungle Organics

The possibilities are endless with Tridant 4S. It really is the most powerful tool in the universe! My brand is going to explode online!  I can’t wait to increase my revenues and spread my cause globally!

Underground Dispensary

I can’t believe how our brand exploded in a matter of weeks. Our sales had more than tripled in 2 weeks. We were running out of product daily. Thankfully Tridant Seed to Sale Software makes it easy to track and manage your business from anywhere so I wasn’t overwhelmed with so many sales!

National Cannabis Bureau

Our brand had been around for years but our website was outdated and our brand awareness just wasn’t getting out there. Thanks to Tridant 4S, we’ve been able to spread our cause nationwide and easily manage our new beautiful website! Our brand got a fresh new look, SEO Optimization and easier to manage website and software. This is life changing!

Blackbird Nursery

This logo is exactly what I wanted! I can’t describe how perfectly Rostech Innovations pulled off putting my heart and soul into my brand while creating a logo.


This is the most cutting edge technology I’ve ever experienced. I’m so excited to launch my site. This software is going to do huge things for brands!