Why Appela?

Appela is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world through cannabinoid oil derived from all natural, high quality industrial hemp.

We follow only the best industry standards, making our CBD Oil the most effective and the highest quality on the market today.

At Appela, we strive to improve people’s daily lives with the most convenient and effective CBD products all over the world. Relaxation comes easy, as both mental and physical stress become manageable.

We make every effort possible to improve the mental and physical well-being of our customers, promoting health & wellness is our number one goal.

Live Well. Shop Appela.




20 Feb, 2018



Challenge & Solution

Our core values revolve around one simple ideology. Forward-thinking drives innovation through collaboration and customer engagement. We offer more than just natural CBD products at Appela. We have a range of services to offer as well. Appela has a full range of services to serve cannabis entrepreneurs all around the globe. Whether you are wanting the best quality CBD products, branding and white labels for your cannabis brand, or consulting, we’re here for you. 

1Top quality pure, natural CBD products. From organic hemp oil to topicals, Appela has a range of CBD natural products that are top notch quality. High potency CBD Tinctures, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, High quality CBD Topicals, All natural CBD cosmetics.

2Appela offers state of the art branding services and white labeling. Contact Appela today to get your custom branded labels for your own high quality CBD Products. Top graphic designers on staff to curate or edit your company logo. Preview templates for custom labels that fit any size container.

3Appela has an expert team to help you with your business needs. Have your products and labels but looking for what steps to take next? Contact Appela today and let us guide you through your journey of growing your business.


The cannabis industry is continuing to grow. If you are looking to pursue your dream as a cannabis entrepreneur we have your solution. We offer a range of services to cannabis entrepreneurs from products to branding. Order your favorite products with custom branding and white labels and start your own business. We offer consulting to those who want to learn more about how to start a cannabis business.

Mystic Jungle Organics

The possibilities are endless with Tridant 4S. It really is the most powerful tool in the universe! My brand is going to explode online!  I can’t wait to increase my revenues and spread my cause globally!

Underground Dispensary

I can’t believe how our brand exploded in a matter of weeks. Our sales had more than tripled in 2 weeks. We were running out of product daily. Thankfully Tridant Seed to Sale Software makes it easy to track and manage your business from anywhere so I wasn’t overwhelmed with so many sales!

National Cannabis Bureau

Our brand had been around for years but our website was outdated and our brand awareness just wasn’t getting out there. Thanks to Tridant 4S, we’ve been able to spread our cause nationwide and easily manage our new beautiful website! Our brand got a fresh new look, SEO Optimization and easier to manage website and software. This is life changing!

Blackbird Nursery

This logo is exactly what I wanted! I can’t describe how perfectly Rostech Innovations pulled off putting my heart and soul into my brand while creating a logo.


This is the most cutting edge technology I’ve ever experienced. I’m so excited to launch my site. This software is going to do huge things for brands!