Manifest Marketplace

Manifest Marketplace

Manifest Marketplace is a player to the third party procurement industry. With a vision of improving the business purchasing transactions between B2B, Manifest Marketplace applies federal acquisition standards for servicing all facets of the procurement process. From indirect to direct procurement, to providing an array of procurement services, Manifest Marketplace is invested in establishing benchmarks and standards in the supply chain by servicing every need of their clients commodity and service purchasing activities. With an unwavering attention to detail, Manifest Marketplace is the industries only official contracting office. Manifest Marketplace is an unbiased partner with 100% independent vendor relations-we source commodities, supplies, equipment and services from vendors providing legitimate products and services, best price and availability.


Doing business in the cannabis and hemp economy is complicated and it requires organizations to tightly control their processes while also staying agile and flexible. That’s not an easy balance. To make it happen, your company must have the right tools for the job, especially for managing dynamic processes like supply chain procurement and contract managment. Manifest Marketplace, helps your front-end procurement process operate with maximum efficiency while integrating seamlessly with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for sourcing, invoicing and payment processing. This unique platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution also provides a fast, guided buying experience, streamlined catalog maintenance, and a configurable interface — which all help deliver quick ROI.


Manifest Marketplace puts your business in front of profitable customers who are ready to buy. When you connect to into our Network, you quickly connect to a global network of of companies. You can efficiently scale existing customer relationships, plus discover and win new business. You can collaborate with your customers on everything from Request for Quotation (RFQ) to managing catalogs and orders – all through easy-to-use tools. You’re part of a dynamic, digital marketplace, where you can effectively track and manage the sales cycle from beginning to end, accurately predict cash flow, increase revenue, and grow your business.


Our suppliers can use our platform to find new customers, increase sales, and increase revenue. We can provide you with leads to buyers looking for new sources of supply and services. We can provide you with orders from Manifest Marketplace customers shopping for non-contracted goods and contracted services. Things like office supplies, electrical equipment, computers, Maintenance Repair And Operations (MRO) supplies, promotional items, gifts, biomass, manufactured products, distributors nationalwide and across other countries were cannabis and hemp is legal. Buyers are working with Manifest marketplace to manage all of their spend better, and ensure sources are legitimite and approved. That’s why we’re looking for additional, vetted Manifest Marketplace Network suppliers who would like to join the marketplace as a way to grow their businesses and increase sales.