Get METRC Ready in 5 Easy Steps With Tridant's Step-By-Step METRC Guide

METRC Readiness Checklist 

By Tridant 4S

The Metrc Compliance Deadline In Oklahoma is May, 26 2022.

“Lifting this injunction clears the single biggest roadblock to OMMA enforcing the law,” “This is a crucial step toward cracking down on licensees operating illegally or skirting the system within Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry. Come May 27, we will focus the bulk of our enforcement authority on businesses that are not Metrc-compliant.”
                                                                        -OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry

Learn About The Metrc Lawsuit in Oklahoma 2022 In Our Post

"Mandatory Metrc Compliance in Oklahoma 2022"



Get Metrc Ready in 5 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Get Enrolled
  • Step 2: Register
  • Step 3: Get Certified
  • Step 4: Find Software
  • Step 5: Connect With Tridant 4S

How To Use Your Checklist

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Follow The Steps

Follow the steps provided in our checklist and check them off as you go- there's only 5 steps! Learn what Metrc is and how to learn Metrc in Oklahoma.

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Metrc Training Course

You will see the link in the checklist to schedule your Metrc training courses- do that! You will also see what you need to have prepared to schedule these training courses. 

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How To Learn Metrc

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with our Metrc Certified Expert Software Specialist to learn how to operate your business with Metrc.

Our Free Resources on Metrc Include What You Need To Learn Metrc for Oklahoma and Prepare For Metrc's Rollout.

Time Is Running Out!

Hurry! Limited Spots are available and they are filling up fast. Get in line today to ensure you have your business compliant in time. There are currently over 10,000 licensees in the state of Oklahoma preparing for Metrc Integration. Don't miss your chance and get your doors closed forever. 

It is now mandatory that every Cannabis Business in the state of Oklahoma is Metrc Integrated by Thursday, May 26th. Tridant 4S is the top Metrc Integrated Seed to Sale Software in Oklahoma. We ensure automatic compliance through our seamless integration with Metrc.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with Tridant's Metrc Certified Expert Software Specialist to get your spot in line now.

Get Our Easy 5 Step Checklist to Get Metrc Ready

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The #1 Metrc Compliance Solution in Oklahoma

Get Metrc Compliant With Tridant 4S Seed to Sale Software Today. Schedule A Free 30-Minute Consultation With Our Metrc Certified Expert Software Specialist To See Our Powerful Integration With Metrc and Our Exclusive Offers For Your Business to Ensure Compliance With Ease.