You Heard Right! OMMA Has Released Another Update. 

"An Act relating to medical marijuana; amending 63 O.S. 2021, Sections 427.2 and 427.18, which relate to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act; modifying and adding definitions; requiring certain warnings on container labels; allowing for the use of clear containers; directing dispensaries to use exit package at point of sale and transfer; and providing an effective date."

Learn More About This Recent Update In The Cannabis Industry

"OMMA Packaging and Labeling Update 2022"

Get all the info you need to keep your labels up to date on compliance.

These new packaging & label updates take effect on November 1, 2022. Please read them, download them, and let your fellow business owners know about them.

What's in the new updated Packaging & Labeling Guide from OMMA?

  • The new government warning requirements
  • Size requirements of warning symbols on your labels
  • The different requirements for each type of product in the cannabis industry
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